Stellar Teaser Released

We are thrilled to unveil an exciting announcement for our gaming community: the upcoming release of Stellar Extraction, the second title from Sapphire Studios. In Stellar, players will engage in thrilling PvP matches to seize rewards, enhance their spacecraft, assemble formidable decks, and participate in regular tournaments with cash prizes up for grabs.

What began as a mini-event game designed to be integrated into Gold Inc has evolved into a cosmic adventure that stands proudly on its own. Our dedicated team has been diligently crafting Stellar behind the scenes for over 15 months, with early access slated for Q1, 2024.Stellar promises to make a significant impact on our gaming ecosystem, offering:

-Intense, high-paced strategic battles that test your skills.
-Exclusive early access for Sapphire Pass holders.
-Access to special tournaments exclusively for Sapphire Pass holders.
- Unique in-game items tailored to GXB enthusiasts.
-The introduction of cross-game blockchain assets that will revolutionize your gaming experience.

And there's even more in store! Stay tuned for further updates as we journey together into the cosmos with Stellar Extraction.